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We've got an old dining table to give away to anyone who can use it. All you have to do is be able to haul it away. Seats 4, but has a one foot leaf so it can expand. Aslo has a glass top cut to fit the smaller size. Let me know if you want to see the full size picture.
I while ago, someone on my LJ list posted about the toy companies making a perfectly good toy, then making another one that was PINK for the girls. I thought this was pretty stupid at the time, but this has gone too far.
My son got a "Lil' people" farm set from his aunt for Christmas. I thought I'd check out what else was available in the "Lil people". I found this truck
Then I found this !
Thanks to everybody who wished me a happy birthday. Unfortunately, little David did not get the memo. He kept us up from 2 to 4:30 am. Other than the lack of sleep, it's been a good day.
Ok, I've got a netbook that I like a lot. It has a 1.6 processor. I'm trying to watch some HD videos on it, but the audio and video don't match up. Upon looking up the problem, I discovered that it's because it needs a 2+ processor. The main desktop computer is powerful enough to play the video files, but I prefer watching on my netbook. I do have a wireless network in the house. Any suggested solutions (other than a new netbook- which ain't happening)?
I bought a new sippy cup and while reading the instructions (yes, it came with instructions) came across this: "Cups should be kept upright to ensure 100% spill-proof performance." I'm not sure what to say...
Rachel Ray is on Sesame Street. With dancing vegetables. What is the world coming to?
David's dinner tonight involved mashed potatoes. But, was not immediately followed by a bath. This makes me happy.
Someone please explain to me why when I put a plastic (microwavable) bowl with frozen pre-cooked (in the microwave) carrots in the microwave I got sparks.
I'm looking for a free video editing program. I don't need it to be fancy. Just enough to cut commercials and stuff like that. Any suggestions?
We're going to be going to the beach for a week long vacation this summer. I've been researching swim diapers. The reusable kind seem to run just under $10 each, and you can get a whole pack of the disposable kind for the same price. I want to know what you other mom's have figured out already. Are the reusable ones worth it or not?